"The Black Dragon" - Nova Class Battlecruiser

The Nova-class battle cruisers were four hundred meters in length and were bristling with weaponry. The bridge of the ship was connected to a long neck-like body, with an “inverted-V” shape split-wing structure at the rear of the vessel. The bridge had a retractable wall-like shield that could be deployed for combat.

A standard Nova Class Battle cruiser has a crew of over 1700, and is fitted with 25 turbolaser batteries, 10 heavy point defense laser cannons, and 10 Ion Cannons. The Black Dragon had her Ion cannons upgraded to Heavy Ion Cannons for use in her role as a pirate vessel.

She had space for 24 Miy’til starfighters for space superiority and 6 Hetrinar assault bombers in her hangar bays.

The Black Dragon was the flagship of the Vorio fleet and the family’s pride and joy. She was fitted with a rare and valuable stygium crystal cloaking device.

The Black Dragon’s hull has been painted black with gold trim in honor of its position as a flagship. The normal vessels of the Vorio fleet were mauve and gold.


"The Black Dragon" - Nova Class Battlecruiser

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