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  • "Goliath" - YT 2400 Light Freighter

    A "YT 2400":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/YT-2400_light_freighter light freighter, up until 9 BBY it was owned and captained by Crix Maddell. It was known to have at least been fitted with an additional Auto Blaster. [[File:469559 | class=media- …

  • Hans Gruber

    Wanted for: 1. Conspiracy 2. Treason 3. Flying with Unregistered Transponder Codes If he hit is big he would: Kill the person blackmailing him that is threatening to kill his family h2. *Personal Logs* h4. ///Gruber Log Entry 1/// " …

  • Commandant Lorn Cyone

    h5. A Career of Distinguished Service For over three decades Lorn Cyone served as an SEO and then leader in the "Sector Rangers":http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Sector_Ranger in Wildspace, especially in the Ferra Sector. When the Republic became the …

  • Wolfgar Gruber

    Over thirty years ago, Wolfgar was an active smuggler. He did alot of work with the Quarren fence Yunn Sara. He has been in prison for a few decades, but he is still very close to his grandson Hans.