Prince Vorio

Prince Balthazar Vorio of Orm


Balthazar Vorio is a male human of age 30 (born 39 BBY). He is 1.77m tall and weighs 81kg. He has tousled blonde hair and grey eyes. His skin is the pale skin of a scholar, however he has the lean build of fencer. The right half of his face is covered in a gold plated cyber replacement along with a high quality cyber eye. He would be considered handsome but for the scars and cybernetic plating.

He is usually dressed in the expensive clothes and capes of a noble. The Prince usually has an ancient Sith Tremor Sword at his side which has a nullgrav hypergem in the hilt, a rare weapon of incredible value.

The Prince is the second in line of succession to the Vorio family line with no younger heirs.


Prince Vorio was once a very scholarly young man, interested especially in the esoteric and unexplored or unexplained. He collected many books, scrolls, and tomes in many languages – all of which he learned to read. Balthazar cultivated an entourage of scientists, scholars and explorer fringe folk during the time his Father (Orm Vorio III) ruled and even during his sister’s time as Governess. He learned of forgotten worlds, hyper routes, and arcane astronomy. At one time Prince Vorio was considered a patron of artist and mad scholars alike.

The Prince began to develop an interest in the ancient Sith even though he himself was not Force Sensitive, going so far as to purchase his ancient sword from the archaeologist Mod Jenkins. Eventually he was able to learn a great deal more when he met the Dathomiri Nightsister known as Hela. Hela came to Vorio with her gift of divination in the wake of the downfall of the Jedi and the hunting down of Force sensitives across the galaxy. She ingratiated herself to Vorio by guiding him to a long forgotten holding planet attributed to the Vorio family known as Orm (supposedly discovered by Balthazar’s ancestor Orm Vorio I). It was there that the Prince directed his impressive resources into building Hireath Palace.. In addition, she helped unlock the knowledge of swordcraft of the ancient Sith blademasters so that Vorio could practice this ancient art.

Balthazar has raged against the takeover his sector, his family’s heritage, by the Empire. In his opinion Ferra was on the verge of a glorious future as an independent sector like its ally the Hapes Consortium before the Clone Wars ruined its future. This led to an armed conflict on the sector capital world of Hast wherein the last of the Vorio fleet battled Imperial forces. It was during that battle that the prince was involved in a deadly duel which he barely survived.

Since that duel, which burned his face and cost him an eye, the Prince has been obsessed with revenge and often filled with sudden rage. His anger is so great, he is willing to do anything to destroy the Empire even if it means destroying populated worlds.

Prince Vorio

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