Jennrich Payne

Cyborg Master Bounty Hunter with Assassin Droids


Human Male

He was generally dressed much the same way a Sector Ranger might dress, which has led to rumors that he might have been one at some point.

Payne has top quality sophisticated cybernetics, at the least in his eyes.

Often heavily armed, given to carrying a custom heavy blaster as a primary weapon and quite a few holdout weapons.


A first order bounty hunter and mercenary, Jennrich Payne made a living in the years leading up to the Galactic Civil War as an Enforcer for the Iron Circle Cartel. He has a strong reputation as a vicious and well armed fighter who was quite perspicacious as well as a consummate professional.

Payne’s vessel was an expensively modified Baudo-class Luxury Yacht called the Foregone.

Jennrich Payne

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