"The Pinion" - the Imperial Immobilizer 418 Cruiser


The Immobilizer 418 cruiser, also known as the Interdictor-class heavy cruiser, Interdictor-class medium frigate, Interdictor Dreadnaught, or simply the Interdictor, was a 600-meter-long cruiser built on the standard Vindicator-class heavy cruiser hull.

Equipped with gravity well projectors designed to pull ships from hyperspace and/or prevent them making the jump to lightspeed, the Interdictor became a valuable addition to the Imperial Navy.

The Pinion is a veteran craft with distinguished service, and it is commanded by the sector Moff Sabe Thulo who has close connections with Imperial intelligence and scouting services. her fleet of vessels supports COMPNOR local and is often home to one or more Imperial Commerce agents.

"The Pinion" - the Imperial Immobilizer 418 Cruiser

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