Orm – What is it like?

Orm’s star system is a young F class star on the edge of a nebula and nebula dust is particularly heavy in the system making hyper travel very difficult. Three of its outer orbits are clogged asteroid fields which can hamper in system traffic (rumor has it that Prince Vorio has the asteroid fields extensively mined and trapped)

Some aspect of Orm’s system is strong with the Force and makes it difficult to remember its hyper coordinates when leaving the system. Through unknown means, ship’s often find their droids and navicomputers have the data erased as well. It can be found again through effort and plotting or through manually created maps. For some reason, the Black Dragon seems to be immune to this effect.

Orm (Orm 3 technically) is a Terran planet that is 70% water with an Oxy Nitro atmosphere and 1G Gravity. It has a varied though limited ecosystem. In comparison to many civilized worlds, Orm is very undeveloped outside of its ports.

Orm is a shadowport and home to many unsavory characters of all stripes from wreckers to smugglers to pirate.

Hireath Palace is the home of Prince Balthazar Vorio, and it is quite impressive. The palace grounds extend over a kilometer in radius and it is well protected by shields and turrets. The palace itself is luxurious with many expensively decorated rooms. Although the palace itself is lavish and calm, outside the palace walls is a chaotic mishmash of market stalls, casinos, and bordellos.

Pirates, wreckers and shipjackers hawk their stolen goods to anyone who will buy them – hoping to make enough to buy fuel for their next run. Fences and Black Marketeers do a thriving business (although the Prince’s tax rate is hefty and brutally enforced). Goods are mostly for sale in bulk as criminals want to get rid of entire lots of items to clear the cargo bays. Food prices and lodging are outrageously expensive, and the brothels and gambling dens drain fringe crews of their cash in the blink of an eye.
The Vorio Palace Guard can be seen as a presence, but only to protect the interests of Vorio and wealthy merchants.


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