Ferra Sector

Corellian Run Trade Route (T16 on the sector map)

The Ferra Sector of Wildspace was a small principality on the Outer Rim, once rather dominated by the Vorio family and the Techno Union trade cartel. It was only peripherally connected to the Republic even before the Clone Wars, being a remote and mostly lawless area.

The Vorio family did maintain the few pockets of civilization through use of a handful of Nova Class Battlecruisers and fighters purchased through the Hapes Consortium. Though these ships were well suited to pirate hunting and even possessed of cloaking devices, patrolling this vast sector of Wild Space was truly beyond their capabilities. Thus the Ferra Sector had the feeling of a barely controlled Frontier Space in its best days, and mostly benefitted by being remote from the Galactic Core Worlds and possessed of few resources.

During the Clone Wars, as the Techno Union arms escalation with the Republic began developing fleet resources on worlds like Hypori and leading to a number of Confederacy vessels and droids patrolling the sector. A number of mercenary companies like the Sun Guard and the Triple Star Guild became very active in this time period providing protection as well as a marked rise in soldiers joining the Far Stars Bounty Hunter Guild. The Vorio family experienced a sharp spike in their fortunes as Governors of the sector during this time due to formalized business development.

In the final days of the Clone Wars, Ferra Sector was the last to be attacked by the Republic (soon to be Imperial) forces when they reached Hypori. In the wake of the Battle of Hypori, Imperial agencies laid claim to the Ferra Sector and vast amount of Union and Vorio assets, claiming that they were restoring order. During this time, the sector was governed by Governess Sabe Thulo nee Vorio, first in line in the Vorio line of succession. The Governess gave over much of her territory to the Empire when she was granted the title of Moff of the Sector.

In point of fact, with the destruction of much of the defense forces that were in the system including the majority of the Vorio and Techno Union fleets, the Hutt takeover of the Triple Stars, and the betrayal of the Far Stars who joined with the Black Sun Cartel the level of crime within the sector hit an all time high.

Ferra Sector

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