Donoan Moon 11 through 17 - the Spoils

Though Donoa had 17 moons, many of which were habitable, her outer six were more akin to large orbiting asteroids that were only barely held together. Though they did continue to hold mineral wealth (and miners came often in order to seek their fortunes there) they otherwise presented little besides a piloting challenge.

Moons eleven through sixteen, called the Padawans: Amal, Atris, Awel, Caldai, Dega, and Droska were more or less floating rocks (a level 2 to 3 challenge)


The seventeenth moon (Jenti) is actually giant icy comet that was trapped in Donoa’s gravity. It was mined for water. Its glistening blue smoky orb was considered romantic.

Donoan Moon 11 through 17 - the Spoils

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