Tag: Rebel


  • Eclipse

    A group of secretive underground operatives who were mostly once in the employ of various corporate entities or government posts within the Confederacy during the Clone Wars. Though they once aided the Confederacy resistance, they have begun to join with …

  • Kadrene Tuckoll

    Kadrene is the leader of a rebel cell known as the Joined Hands Network (JHN); a group of former media reporters, scouts, writer, philosophers and teachers who support a Democratic Government no longer related to the monarchies and warlords.

  • Jana Drimen

    Baktoid Armor Workshop to Executive (rebel) works under black mail pressure for Tambor as she is an agent of the insurgent cell known as the [[Eclipse | Eclipse]]. Traded with the Goliath on Hypori an exchange of Tibanna Gas for Thermal Detonators.

  • Scarlett

    Scarlett was taken away from the Marshall by Dash Killian, two men who were once close friends and are now dire enemies. [[File:477344 | class=media-item-align-right | MaraJade.JPG]] In 9.7BBY Marshal discovered that his wife had become one of the …