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  • Kadrene Tuckoll

    Kadrene is the leader of a rebel cell known as the Joined Hands Network (JHN); a group of former media reporters, scouts, writer, philosophers and teachers who support a Democratic Government no longer related to the monarchies and warlords.

  • Major Steptyre Bradshut

    Major Bradshut was dirty, and he enjoyedbenefitting from it. He sat in a high position as a distant cousin of the Tarkin family who's Navy test scores didn't put him high enough to rank for any real job; thus he was bundled off to the Edge of the Empire …

  • Jinhewag

    Wanted For: 1. Posession of Unlawful War Materiel 2. Falsifying Imperial Documents 3. Intentional Deceit of Empire Officials If he got the big score he would: Would live in a self sustained compound miles from civilization whilst still having a …