Tag: Hypori


  • The Hypori Sideslip

    Prince Vorio (Orm Cartel) requests that the smugglers take 100 units of flammable tibanna gas to the Trade Union world of Hypori, a hive world to be delivered to Jana Drymen a corporate executive of a shadow company. The gas is in salvaged container …

  • Ferra Sector

    h3. Corellian Run Trade Route (T16 on the sector map) The Ferra Sector of Wildspace was a small principality on the Outer Rim, once rather dominated by the Vorio family and the Techno Union trade cartel. It was only peripherally connected to the …

  • Jana Drimen

    Baktoid Armor Workshop to Executive (rebel) works under black mail pressure for Tambor as she is an agent of the insurgent cell known as the [[Eclipse | Eclipse]]. Traded with the Goliath on Hypori an exchange of Tibanna Gas for Thermal Detonators.