Star Wars the Age of Cartels

Season 1 Episode 7 xp 10 to 15

In the scant hours after deceiving Kappa the Hutt, while the Goliath was still under repair, the crew decided on a desperate bid to steal back their shipment of stygium crystals. To do so, they needed to get on board the Dreaded Judge before it could transfer the cargo to the Sentry. Desperate action was called for.

Getting some uniforms and id cards from Thom Rathis in order to impersonate Sector Rangers they devised a plan to shipjack the Dreaded Judge’s escort ship the “Alan Bond”. In order to take down the Dreaded Judge, they intended to insert on board the Commandant’s vessel the slicer droid SL8. Once on board the intent was to have SL8 disable the vessel and discharge the cargo into space where they would pick it up using their stolen patrol boat.

Unfortunately, the plan went awry when Colonel Dash Killian arrived early spoiling their plan. The added stress lead to other mistakes, and when Cyone and a small boarding party came over in the airlock and recognized Marshal. Before the Commandant could react, Djisso the Bothan shot him dead with his recently regained Distintegrator Pistol. As the Commandant’s troopers began to go down, the Commandant made a last desperate call to his team – “REBELS!!”

In the wake of the disaster and the approaching corvette, the crew fled Donoa on the Alan Bond, abandoning their cargo. During the flight, their was a communication directly to Marshal from his “one true love” Scarlett who, as it turned out was apparently now one of the Emperor’s Hands. She attempted to get him to return to the Corvette and join her, but he resisted and he and the crew burst into hyperspace.

Dark Moon
Season 1 Episode 6 xp10

The Goliath traveled to Donoa where they suffered several setbacks. Their hyperdrive coolant failed keeping the vessel from re entering hyperspace. The ship was boarded by Sector Ranger Commandant Lorne Cyone who confiscated their priceless Stygium Crystals. Once they docked at Freeport, the crew made their way to Janto in order to pick up their money. On the way out of the bank they were ambushed by the Triple Star Lieutenant Hitca the wookie gladiator. After a narrow escape during which Marshall got his arm cut off, the players make for Khiga to seek medical help. There the Ithorian Doctor Huli Akat healed them in return for helping freeing his friend Jae Neb the Sulustan from Kappa the Hutt. Through the skills of Jinhewag they charmed the Hutt into returning their money and giving up Jae Neb.

Google Docs link to the original notes.

The Mind Spores
Season 1 Episode 5 xp15

“Doctor Odon Vale was contacted about deciphering the information in Crix Maddell’s lobot implant. When the players go to meet him on Bendil, they get more than they bargained for when he uses a planetary ion cannon to disable their ship. Force to land or crash land on Bendil, they become involuntary guests of the Doctor, who as it turns out used to be Velik’s boss. He is also a terrifying madman who wants to infect the galaxy with a techno virus. The mad doctor tries to convince Velik to come join him.

For a time, Dr Vale will be hospitable to his guests, even helping them to repair the Goliath which he hopes to use as a delivery vessel. Most of the servants they will see are very calm zombie-esque Mustafarian slaves with sophisticated Lobot like brain implants.

He will invite Velik into the lab while he deciphers the encoding in Crix’s brain. The droids may also accompany him. Doctor Vale will show off his painting of Lesla Keggle the Duro inventor of the restraining bolt and lament how there is not such a thing for biologicals.

The other players will either have to repair the ship or they may take up ""guest cells"" in the technological prison that is Bendil."

Season 1 Episode 4 xp20

The Goliath agrees to help exchange a prisoner for ransom who turns out to be more valuable than they realize in exchange for priceless stygium crystals.

Rebels are rebuffed. Rhugo Veen is denied. Sabotage is found aboard the ship.

On the Pleasure Ship Elysium the crew are nearly foiled many times but ultimately trade their very valuable prisoner (EQ3) over to the slicer droid “Zero”.

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The Hunger Machine

Where is Crix Madell

The Hypori Sideslip

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The Hypori Sideslip
Season 1 Episode 3 xp15

Prince Vorio (Orm Cartel) requests that the smugglers take 100 units of flammable tibanna gas to the Trade Union world of Hypori, a hive world to be delivered to Jana Drymen a corporate executive of a shadow company. The gas is in salvaged container units of dubious quality. Shipment to leave immediately, and the payment in return is 100 units of unregistered black market thermal detonators.

On Hypori, the crew tangle with Jennrich Payne on the surface of the planet whom they narrowly escape.

The crew on board the Goliath narrowly avoid an entanglement with a Skipray blastboat sent by the COMPNOR Customs Corvette “Sentry” commanded by Dash Killian. SL-8 the slicer droid manages to steal the last stopover location of the Sentry in hopes that Captain Ballister can find his wife.

Reward for this delivery: 5000 credits and acceptance as Earners in the Orm Cartel.

Where is Crix Madell
Season 1 Episode 2 xp15

The crew of the Goliath get used to Donoa of the 17 moons, where they make contact with Thom Rathis in order to sell the sensor equipment, not understanding its true value. The Iron Circle who is awaiting delivery of the sensors by Crix, send their agent Jennrich Payne to find the wayward Captain. In the meantime, the Hutt cartel Triple Star gets wind of the shipment and a Donoa local made man attempts to sneak off with the cargo by utilizing some hired thugs. Finally the Orm Cartel make contact through their infopath Whisper, who speaks directly to his old friend Tav Fleetwater in order to offer a deal directly from Prince Vorio. Jennrich Payne’s Hunter Droids do attempt to find Crix by capturing the Med-droid Doctor Giggles but fail to beat it out of the droid.

The Goliath leaves for Orm with little fanfare. They are welcomed with open arms by Prince Vorio to his shadowport and he gleefully takes the data from them.

The Hunger Machine
Season 1 Episode 1

Taken by their Captain Crix Madelll out beyond Malagar in order to steal the sensors and sensor data of a Kuat research station, the crew of the Goliath were interrupted in mid-robbery by the Pinion, an Imperial Interdictor Cruiser. Acting quickly before the Interdictor powered its gravity domes the Goliath was able to escape the Pinion’s TIE fighter compliment and make a dangerous jump to lightspeed, taking them back to the nearby primitive desert planet. After making a few hasty repairs and getting emergency fuel, they headed for Donoa.


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