Bothan Mystery Man



Whisper is non-descript for a Bothan – 1.4 meters tall, orange eyes, brown fur, with greying mustachio and eyebrows. He appears to be in his old age, around 70+ years old.

As a Bothan, he has mood sensitive fur and the way in which his fur moves makes other Bothans feel queasy looking at him.

Whisper is prone to wearing hoods which shade his face or sometimes masks.


No one knows who the mysterious Whisper truly is. Rumors about that he is an Imperial agent or an ex Separatist intelligence operative or a Hutt stooge. His accent marks him clearly as a Core Worlder. Few trust this stalker of the shadows, but the one who does is Vorio’s witch Hela. The Whisper and Hela have worked closely together for nigh on a decade, with him coming and going to the palace. It is hard to pinpoint a location for him at any given time, especially on his “homebase” of Orm where he seems to know every secret tunnel and back alley. There is whispered talk that he has a dark sensor proofed room somewhere deep in the bowels of the Palace.
For those that spend time around him, there is a certain feeling to Whisper that the Dark Side of the Force is hovering around, causing unease and fear. Hela does not seem especially affected by this (and the general rumor is that she causes it somehow).
It is certain that Whisper can provide near any secret for the right price, though he is discerning with whom he does business. Sometimes Whisper acts instead as a messenger to secretly convey information that Hela or the Prince wish to keep quiet.


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