Yunn Sara

Quarren Fence "made man" within the Principality of Orm


Yunn Sara was born in 44BBY (Current age 35). Average Height for a Quarren (1.8 meters tall) and possessed of five suction cup fingers much like his brothers (a trait usually only relevant to Quarren). He is orange without spots and the blue eyes common to his race.

Well dressed and accoutered Quarren, with a calm and diplomatic demeanor.Yunn will often be found wearing lush merchant robes in blues or purples as well as jewelry which is common to Quarren ambassadors.

Yunn keeps a stock of inebriating drinks for non-Quarren though seldom little to eat that they would find appealing.

He has a number of expensive submersibles at his disposal that often as well armed as gunships.


Yunn Sara is a rising Quarren star in the cartel operated by Prince Balthazar Vorio. Having been a capable and trustworthy fence over the years, Yunn has proven very profitable as an Earner.

Having grown up with his pod under the auspices of Djoba the Hutt, Yunn is properly paranoid about the untrustworthiness of Hutts or indeed criminals in general. After Djoba dropped Yunn’s pod father in a rancor pit, Yunn realized two things: he needed to get out of Hutt control and he needed to avoid being out of deep water whenever he could. He and his pod brothers fled and started a trade business in wild space dealing in restricted goods. Ever since he has agreed to meet with contacts only via submersibles and never with droids or aquatic races such as the Aqualish.

When in his environment, Yunn is friendly and gracious – he aspires to a “resected merchant” calling despite his station as a seller of stolen goods. His loyalty to Orm is fairly high due to the protection being part of this organization offers him, although he might think otherwise if he saw the cruel streak the Prince has.

Yunn Sara

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