Odon Vale

Ah, medicine! The wonderful science of putting people back together... or pulling them apart.


Skakoan Male.
Height 1.9m
Mass 43kg

As with many wealthier Skakoan’s, Doctor Vale perpetually wears a pressure suit and robes making his build somewhat inscrutable. It is clear to those who know his race that he is dressed the way a wealthy researcher or professor might commonly dress. He bears no obvious weapons and does not seem especially physical. He moves smoothly when walking, however goes most places in a hover chair when seen in public.

Doctor Vale’s mannerisms are awkward, as one who has been away from society for a long time and is not especially suited to interfacing with sentients.


Doctor Vale was once a high ranking member of the Techno Union’s scientific elite, becoming quite prominent in the area of Biotech and cybernetic development. Much of his research grant money was injected by TaggeCo in the early years of the Clone Wars. After a Jedi investigation into the cybertechnology that would eventually lead to the development of the Aj^6 Borg Construct (Lobot), Doctor Vale was forced to cancel his research for the Republic and setup laboratories in a more remote area closer to his Skakoan homeland.

Thanks to Doctor Vale’s staying neutral, and the provision of advanced speed learning software being provided to the Kaminoans, as the Clone Wars drew to a close the Doctor became a prominent researcher for Bio-Tech/Neuro-Saav Corporation. His operation was set up quietly (some would say in secret) on the remote world of Bundil, a system of very little worth in terms of assets. Bundil did not have much but a small amount of native flora and fauna and not much in terms of farmable land.

What it did offer was a breathable oxy nitro atmosphere and plenty of space. And the last dregs of a Confederate Prison begging to be remodeled. Luckily the prison had been upgraded to hold high chance of escape prisoners of war, and therefore had many automated or droid based defenses already in place.

Doctor Vale built Prometheus Labs on Bundil, making over Bundil Prison but utilizing much of its previous prisoners for his rehabilitation programs. Those programs grew ever more daring as the CIS government was reduced further and further. The advancements that Doctor Vale was capable of providing to Biotech were groundbreaking, but the research in his lab that he could do on cloning and other bio-technology interfaces was truly skirting the barrier.

Odon Vale

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