Moff Sabe Thulo

Imperial Sector Moff


Sabe is a female human of 39 years (born 48 BBY). She is 1.67 meters tall and weighs about 63kg. Her body type is athletic. She has lengthy sandy blonde (trending to brown) hair. She is usually seen wearing her crisp Imperial uniform and carrying several encrypted commlinks.


Technically eldest in the Vorio line and therefore Duchess Governess of the Ferra Sector (aka Sector 151), Sabe had a frustrated rule of Ferra sector for some time before the arrival of the Empire after the Battle of Hypori. Her sector was dependent on the Techno Union for a great amount of its economy and the parts that were not virtually owned by them were woefully undeveloped, remote, and difficult to patrol. Most importantly those unruled sectors were low in tax revenues which meant that overall the Vorio family (though wealthy) would never become one of the Great Houses of the Senate even if they were loyalist and throwing in with the Confederacy had shown to be a poor decision on her father’s (Orm the Third) part. She threw in with the Empire and was married to Grand Admiral Chonn Thulo, and was granted the title of Moff of Ferra Sector.

Sabe had great experience with command of large capital vessels, having been the type of leader to be directly involved with the fleet. It had been necessary due to the vicious nature of her ersatz Admiral Ivar Draconian for her to rein him in, as well as to organize the patrols of the Nova Class Battlecruisers. This experience would prove invaluable within the backstabbing organization of Moffs within the Imperial Fleet. Due to her canny nature and study of the tactics of Grand Admiral Thrawn, she purposefully chose a smaller but more tactically pivotal Interdictor vessel ( Immobilizer 418 Cruiser “Pinion”).

Sabe’s goal is to bring her sector under control and to prove herself as one of the few female Imperial Moffs. She will take great risks to make that possible.

Moff Sabe Thulo

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