Kenth Folis

Random goombah who took Djisso's pistol


Male Human


Kenth Folis was a man who was sick of his job. He had only taken a job with Vane Security Services because it kept him on the planet where his parents and two sisters lived. He would do anything it took to get out of this boring life.

Then, one day, a Sector Ranger came through and commandeered their entire group. He didn’t mind it when this happened because it meant they went from “security guards” to “Imperial Authorities”. At least, that was the perception of most people they stopped.

One day Commandant Leone stopped a YT2400 freighter and they boarded. The crew on board were in the process of murdering someone! While their ship was leaking hyper coolant no less. The Commandant had them seize the crew’s weapons, and the one creature in a mask, a Bothan maybe, had a Distintegrator Pistol! Woah that was expensive stuff! Kenth decided that if no one saw that he would keep the gun for himself and try to sell it.

Kenth Folis

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