Wookie Enforcer Muscle for Kappa


Male Wookie
White Fur
Height 2.2m
Weight 250kg

Wears custom designed gladiator armor and wields a custom designed Superior Quality Monomolecular Vibro Axe (“the Plinth of Glory”). Hitca has a relative level of fame as a gladiator (recognizing him is an easy Knowledge (Outer Worlds) test) and as a Lieutenant of Kappa the Hutt (Knowledge(Underworld)).


Hitca is the loyal enforcer of Kappa the Hutt’s Triple Star Cartel. He was a cool headed veteran gladiator and Doctore (gladiator trainer) under the Black Sun Cartel. It was very rare for a Wookie to be in service to a Hutt, which made the (already unusually white furred) muscle very well known in the Ferra Sector.

Kappa the Hutt is actually somewhat of an outcast from her own kind, being smaller on the average and somewhat more intelligent than cunning compared to other Hutts. When she came to Ferra Sector the future crimelord had few resources at her disposal. However like most Hutts it was a situation she would not allow to stand, and she went about garnering loyalty by eliminating Slavers throughout Ferra Sector.

Kappa killed his former Black Sun Master Quaffug the Slavemonger and freed him from slavery in the fighting pits of the Floating City on Magge (Donoa’s second moon). Kappa gave him a small amount of the loot and told the gladiator that should he ever wish to return, she would make him one of her trusted Lieutenants. He left, however Hitca found that working as a hired gun didn’t mean having much say in matters or much more status than a pit fighter. After Hitca spent a month free on his own, the Wookie returned to Kappa voluntarily and offered his loyalty to the Hutt for which he was never sorry.


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