The Dathomiri Witch-Oracle


Hela is a female Dathomiri who bears the distinctive facial markings of her people. She is 1.57m tall and weighs about 45kg. She has long dark hair and a seductive humanoid appearance. She wears much of the trappings of her cult although she is often dressed seductively.

Hela is seldom found without her Seeing Crystal or her Force Whip.



Hela was once the eldest daughter of a clan of Nightsisters, destined to be Clan Mother of the Bat Singers. Unfortunately her clan was captured by Imperials when she was still an initiate and she was the only survivor hiding deep within the swamps of her homeworld. There she encountered the holocrons of the ancient Sith academy and learned much of the dark arts though she still thought of them as the Winged Goddess and Fanged God. She was especially gifted with the Sight and relies on its guidance. Through the Force, she was able to see and control an Imperial Scout on her world who took her off world in a Tyderian shuttle.

Through dreams, Hela allowed the Fanged God to lead her to her destiny. She began a vision quest which took her from planet to planet. In time she found herself as far as she could go – living with force shamans on the planet Malagar. It was there, when she reached out that she could feel the dark terror she knew only to call the “Hunger of the Fanged God” (or more simply the Hunger machine). The lines of destiny connected her to it in some way she could not avoid, though it scared her enough to seek solace in the Winged Goddess.

She wandered again for a time, eventually winding up as the lover of the pirate Ivar Draconian. A man of such willpower and sheer determination she could not sway him with magicks. This endeared her greatly to the warrior. She became loyal to him, her love and passion mixing with the Force in a dark alchemy. When Hela learned that Ivar had a master (Prince Vorio) she was impressed that anyone could command her lover. The witch swore that as long as Ivar followed the Prince so would she.

Hela’s seer crystal is an ancient Sith device designed to aid in using the Sight, especially for things which one is not emotionally connected to.


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