Hans Gruber

Lazy but expert human pilot


Human Male, Corellian


Wanted for:

1. Conspiracy
2. Treason
3. Flying with Unregistered Transponder Codes

If he hit is big he would:

Kill the person blackmailing him that is threatening to kill his family

Personal Logs

///Gruber Log Entry 1///

“If it is crazy and works, it is still crazy but that is what keeps you alive” – Wolfgang Gruber

My grandfather was right, you have to do things that would seem like certain death in order to make it out in Wildspace. I learned everything I know from that crazy old man. Even though he is still in jail, he is the best damned pilot currently living. My mom kept some old holovids of him pulling stunts in his ship. It was because of those vids and my mom’s tales of flying fighters I decided to become a pilot.

Unlike other people, I had a massive leg up. My grandfather had a lot of old connections: fences, fixers, smugglers and the like. I got put in touch with the right people and never lacked for jobs. One day Yunn Sara contacted me. He said he was a old friend of my mother. She never mentioned him, but the stories he was telling me seemed legit so I decided to meet him. That is how I ran into Crix. We had some good times and some narrow escapes. Somehow we always pulled through. Crix was as tough as a reenforced bulkhead, but not even he could survive a hull breach like that.

In the time since Crix’s passing, I have gotten to know the crew of the Goliath better.

Our mechanic Velik is as crazy as I am. We keep bouncing ideas back and forth on how we can make the ship better. He seems to get that flying a ship is not just going from Point A to Point B, it is making that cold and sterile hunk of metal a living and breathing part of you. If left alone with enough time and credits, I am sure the two of us can do something wonderful.

Djisso…What can I say about him? You know that saying about Bothans? That is him to a T. I don’t trust that guy, but he could con the Emperor himself out of a fleet of Star Destroyers if he got the chance. I do like not having to pay docking fees anymore though. I ran into some of his brothers, charming fellows that are all too handy with a blade.

Fleetwater is not like other guns I have ran into. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He has pulled our asses out of some tough situations. I can honestly say that he is one of the few people I do not have to question the loyalty of. He is also quite handy on the ships cannons.

Our medical droid is a psychopathic killer. He can patch you up real nice, but he seems more interested in taking you apart.

Our slicing droid has proven his worth many times over. I just don’t like having him near anything on the ship. I swear, one day we are going to wake up and there will be no more oxygen left.

Jinhewag has far too many friends. This guy seems to always know people. He gets a lot of use when trying to talk down people from killing us. I like not dying, a lot.

Finally there is our captian, Marshall. He seems as if he always has something on his mind. I remember him and Crix would always be talking about something, but it is not my place to pry.

I think that is enough for now. Gruber out.

///End Log 1///

Hans Gruber

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