Dios Markavvl

Friendly Rodian Weapons Dealer


Blue Rodian Male (A rare Color) Dios’ height was 1.7m and he weighed 86kg. Also known as “Blue Dios” especially among other Rodians. He is a member of the Cairn Clan of Rodians.

Seldom seen without his rancor leather jacket and often sporting a heavily modded disruptor pistol and wearing a shock glove on his left hand.


As a Rodian Weapons Dealer, Dios is actually a highly respected member of his Clan with a great deal of social influence. It is expected that he is an up and comer for leadership of the Clan itself, and many Rodian females have courted his attention.

Outwardly friendly, especially to those who know Rodian, however an expert at fast draw and is well prepared. Never sells ammunition and weapons at the same time. Does trade arms to the rebels, even high end military hardware like Y Wings and Proton Torpedoes but has a place in his Rodian heart for the little guy.

Dios Markavvl

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