Commandant Lorn Cyone

Head of the Ferra Sector Imperial Sector Rangers


Male Human

A Career of Distinguished Service

For over three decades Lorn Cyone served as an SEO and then leader in the Sector Rangers in Wildspace, especially in the Ferra Sector. When the Republic became the Empire, it didn’t phase him or his peers at all – in fact they celebrated because what had once been an underfunded unsupported thankless job finally had serious military backup.

Unfortunately such an increase in available forces had come toward then end of Cyone’s long career, when the pains in his joints and hip started to signal that his time of fieldwork had come to an end. After a slugthrower took out his left knee, Cyone’s (much younger) wife Tika insisted that he retire. Even with his years of service however, the Commandant knew that retirement pay wasn’t much for Sector Rangers. With a big score taken as evidence however, well, life on the fringe was chaos and not everyone tracked what was taken as evidence.

The Blackmailer of the Gruber Family

Enter the Gruber family – who’s ancestry of legendary pilots stretched back centuries. Wolfgar Gruber (Hans’ grandfather) had been a aging but expert smuggler pilot that Lorn had imprisoned in his first big bust as an SEO. Leena Gruber (Hans’ mother) was an honored Republic fighter pilot. It certainly appeared that Hans was following the family tradition, and Lorn decided this might be his ticket to glorious retirement.

Cyone approached the young Hans with an offer :

“Put your skills to use as a smuggler pilot for Maddell until you make it big. Then I bust your big score. The evidence goes into my personal evidence locker. Then I make sure your grandfather gets a proper parole review. Everyone goes away happy. Refuse and, well, I’ll be forced to show the evidence that Leena not only helped your grandfather but that she had smuggled weapons grade tibanna gas to the Trade Federation.

Your level of cooperation will dictate what happens to your personal future – if you work with me then you escape during the arrest, maybe even with some of the goods. Make life hard and there could be an unfortunate shooting during arrest.

In the meantime, should we meet out here in the wide, wide sector I may be forced to confiscate valuable goods I see in your cargo. Lets not make a big deal of that shall we?"

Captain of the PB-950 Patrol Boat Dreaded Judge


Commandant Cyone was slain in 9.7 BBY by a disintegrator pistol shot from the Bothan scum Djisso.

Commandant Lorn Cyone

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