Black Pariah

Imperial Agents for the ISB - the betrayed brothers of Djisso


Male Bothans who resemble Djisso with minor differences.

Known to employ vibro-knives and wear mimetic suits.


Together with their brother Djisso, this group once ran a Bothan information network together which provided intelligence to certain dissident groups in Imperial space. Ultimately they were betrayed by Djisso when he turned the entire family in for bounty.

This resulted in the brothers being brought to a prisoner of war camp. There they (and other Bothans) were subjected to Imperial brainwashing techniques in order to recondition them as assassins for border zones, and reassigned to controllers within the ISB. A tattoo and the mark of the lone coyote mark them within Bothan culture as pariahs making them functionally exiles even if they were to break their conditioning.

Dregess, Drom, Djibor were three of the Black Pariah who attacked the crew of the Goliath on board the Black Sun pleasure ship Elysium. At least two of them are most likely deceased as they were sucked out into the vacuum of space.

Black Pariah

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