Star Wars the Age of Cartels

Where is Crix Madell

Season 1 Episode 2 xp15

The crew of the Goliath get used to Donoa of the 17 moons, where they make contact with Thom Rathis in order to sell the sensor equipment, not understanding its true value. The Iron Circle who is awaiting delivery of the sensors by Crix, send their agent Jennrich Payne to find the wayward Captain. In the meantime, the Hutt cartel Triple Star gets wind of the shipment and a Donoa local made man attempts to sneak off with the cargo by utilizing some hired thugs. Finally the Orm Cartel make contact through their infopath Whisper, who speaks directly to his old friend Tav Fleetwater in order to offer a deal directly from Prince Vorio. Jennrich Payne’s Hunter Droids do attempt to find Crix by capturing the Med-droid Doctor Giggles but fail to beat it out of the droid.

The Goliath leaves for Orm with little fanfare. They are welcomed with open arms by Prince Vorio to his shadowport and he gleefully takes the data from them.


fimarach fimarach

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