Star Wars the Age of Cartels

The Mind Spores

Season 1 Episode 5 xp15

“Doctor Odon Vale was contacted about deciphering the information in Crix Maddell’s lobot implant. When the players go to meet him on Bendil, they get more than they bargained for when he uses a planetary ion cannon to disable their ship. Force to land or crash land on Bendil, they become involuntary guests of the Doctor, who as it turns out used to be Velik’s boss. He is also a terrifying madman who wants to infect the galaxy with a techno virus. The mad doctor tries to convince Velik to come join him.

For a time, Dr Vale will be hospitable to his guests, even helping them to repair the Goliath which he hopes to use as a delivery vessel. Most of the servants they will see are very calm zombie-esque Mustafarian slaves with sophisticated Lobot like brain implants.

He will invite Velik into the lab while he deciphers the encoding in Crix’s brain. The droids may also accompany him. Doctor Vale will show off his painting of Lesla Keggle the Duro inventor of the restraining bolt and lament how there is not such a thing for biologicals.

The other players will either have to repair the ship or they may take up ""guest cells"" in the technological prison that is Bendil."


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