Star Wars the Age of Cartels

The Hypori Sideslip

Season 1 Episode 3 xp15

Prince Vorio (Orm Cartel) requests that the smugglers take 100 units of flammable tibanna gas to the Trade Union world of Hypori, a hive world to be delivered to Jana Drymen a corporate executive of a shadow company. The gas is in salvaged container units of dubious quality. Shipment to leave immediately, and the payment in return is 100 units of unregistered black market thermal detonators.

On Hypori, the crew tangle with Jennrich Payne on the surface of the planet whom they narrowly escape.

The crew on board the Goliath narrowly avoid an entanglement with a Skipray blastboat sent by the COMPNOR Customs Corvette “Sentry” commanded by Dash Killian. SL-8 the slicer droid manages to steal the last stopover location of the Sentry in hopes that Captain Ballister can find his wife.

Reward for this delivery: 5000 credits and acceptance as Earners in the Orm Cartel.


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