Star Wars the Age of Cartels


Season 1 Episode 7 xp 10 to 15

In the scant hours after deceiving Kappa the Hutt, while the Goliath was still under repair, the crew decided on a desperate bid to steal back their shipment of stygium crystals. To do so, they needed to get on board the Dreaded Judge before it could transfer the cargo to the Sentry. Desperate action was called for.

Getting some uniforms and id cards from Thom Rathis in order to impersonate Sector Rangers they devised a plan to shipjack the Dreaded Judge’s escort ship the “Alan Bond”. In order to take down the Dreaded Judge, they intended to insert on board the Commandant’s vessel the slicer droid SL8. Once on board the intent was to have SL8 disable the vessel and discharge the cargo into space where they would pick it up using their stolen patrol boat.

Unfortunately, the plan went awry when Colonel Dash Killian arrived early spoiling their plan. The added stress lead to other mistakes, and when Cyone and a small boarding party came over in the airlock and recognized Marshal. Before the Commandant could react, Djisso the Bothan shot him dead with his recently regained Distintegrator Pistol. As the Commandant’s troopers began to go down, the Commandant made a last desperate call to his team – “REBELS!!”

In the wake of the disaster and the approaching corvette, the crew fled Donoa on the Alan Bond, abandoning their cargo. During the flight, their was a communication directly to Marshal from his “one true love” Scarlett who, as it turned out was apparently now one of the Emperor’s Hands. She attempted to get him to return to the Corvette and join her, but he resisted and he and the crew burst into hyperspace.


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