Star Wars the Age of Cartels

Dark Moon

Season 1 Episode 6 xp10

The Goliath traveled to Donoa where they suffered several setbacks. Their hyperdrive coolant failed keeping the vessel from re entering hyperspace. The ship was boarded by Sector Ranger Commandant Lorne Cyone who confiscated their priceless Stygium Crystals. Once they docked at Freeport, the crew made their way to Janto in order to pick up their money. On the way out of the bank they were ambushed by the Triple Star Lieutenant Hitca the wookie gladiator. After a narrow escape during which Marshall got his arm cut off, the players make for Khiga to seek medical help. There the Ithorian Doctor Huli Akat healed them in return for helping freeing his friend Jae Neb the Sulustan from Kappa the Hutt. Through the skills of Jinhewag they charmed the Hutt into returning their money and giving up Jae Neb.

Google Docs link to the original notes.


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